4.2meters Hvls large ceiling fan best used for church 

HVLS fan is a large ceiling fan that moves a High Volume of air at a Low Speed. The low speed delivers gentle air movement rather than disruptive wind, and circulating a high volume of air effectively distributes airflow over a large area.

The high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan is designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. Rotating at an optimized low speed, a HVLS fan moves the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost; up to 85 feet from the fan's center in all directions.Save money in the winter.An HVLS fan operating during winter will mix the warmer air at the ceiling with the cooler air at the floor to even the temperature throughout the space. This can reduce a facility' s energy consumption by up to 30%.Save money in the summer.An HVLS fan will circulate the air, making it more comfortable, by decreasing the effective temperature by 7°F or more. It's the ideal supplement to your air conditioning because it allows you to raise your settings as much as 4°F with little change in comfort. That means you'll reduce your summertime energy consumption by as much as 20%.Year-round energy savings. A space without an HVLS fan will have uneven temperature zones that waste energy dollars. The hot air accumulates at the ceiling and the cold air will sink to the floor, making your HVAC system inefficient and increasing your energy consumption.The Revolution Fan is today's standard for high-performance, large-space building environments.

Product specifications:

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Model SizeADF-49ADF-45ADF-42ADF-38ADF-36ADF-30ADF-24
Diameter (FT)1615141312108
Diameter (mm)4900450042003800360030002400
Voltage (v)1*220V1*220V1*220V1*220V1*220V1*220V1*220V
Frequency (hz)50~6050~6050~6050~6050~6050~6050~60
Noise Level (db)50494948484746
Weight (kg)7267696467626460625857555452
Height (mm)≥600≥600≥600≥600≥600≥600≥600
Air volume(m³/min)56005400510049004500430032003100298028202700260023002100

PMSM Motor

Features of DC brushless permanent magnet motor: low operating noise, good energy efficiency; wide application range, high operating efficiency, convenient speed regulation, stable operation, stable performance, direct drive rotation technology, completely used in special places with high noise requirements.

The permanent magnet brushless motor has excellent speed regulation performance similar to that of the DC motor, and overcomes the shortcomings caused by the commutating spark caused by the mechanical commutating device of the DC motor, and has low reliability, high operating efficiency, small size and light weight. Therefore, it is widely used in aerospace, electric vehicles, medical equipment, instrumentation, servo systems, CNC machine tools, military equipment, chemicals, textiles and modern household appliances. With the continuous improvement of the cost performance of rare earth permanent magnet materials, the continuous advancement of power electronics technology and microelectronic technology, the application of permanent magnet brushless motors is becoming more and more popular.




Commercial ceiling fan drive controller

High-performance non-inductive recognition BD-DSP drive technology; low-noise, high-performance, multi-function driver, rotor-field-oriented vector control method for motor torque, high-precision speed control, high reliability, powerful; Current limit, overload and overheat protection, phase loss short circuit alarm, motor overheat protection device, user-friendly interface, easy to debug.



Quality Guarantee:

1  Supplier provides the whole machine warranty period for 36 months from the date of acceptance. The main configuration of the quality assurance period, please see above sheet. In the warranty period, during operation, if there is equipment failure or quality problem, the spplier should response within 24 hours or send service personnel to the buyer’s site within 48 hours. Also the supplier should provide free after-sales maintenance services, and related spare parts to problem solving.

2. In the 36 months warranty period, for the equipment design, manufacture, installation( buyer is normal users, the correct operation) , if safety accident occurs, the buyer shall have the right to investigate for the supplier’s responsibility.

3. After the 36 months warranty, if the equipment fails, the supplier shall timely respond to the repair, charging the cost of accessories and the corresponding labor costs.








Q: Are you the factory?

A: Of course, we are a large HVLS ceiling fan manufacturer in Shanghai with many years' experience. 


Q: Can you supply OEM service?

A: Yes, we can. 


Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Normally 3-5 working days after receiving the prepayment.


Q: How long is the warranty?

A: The warranty of the fan is 3 years. 


Q: How to contact your company?




4.2meters Hvls large ceiling fan best used for church
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