6.1m bldc big industrial ceiling fan

Aipukeji big industrial ceiling fan churns largely and roundly the indoor air to create 1-3 grade natural wind effect in large space, improves signally muggy working environment and manufacturing efficiency.

The natural breeze blows the human body to promote evaportating sweat and taking heat away, thus to make the human body cooling and bring a cooling feeling. 

Ultra-low energy consumption, natural ventilation cooling, double achieve the effectiveness of air conditioning, constantly updated healthy new air to enhance indoor air flow and energy saving.

Model sizeADF-8-61Diameter20FT/6100MM
Blade number8 pcsRotate speed52 rpm
Power1.3kwAir volume10600m3/min
Total height0.7mCoverage1100sqm

Classical case





1. Fully enclosed structure, no transmission gear wear and transmission gear noise, no lubrication, maintenance free;

2. Unique high density rare-earth permanent magnet with outer totor structure, no demagnetization and no fracture ;

3. Natureal cooling, direct heat conduction, lower temperature rise, quick heat dissipation;

4. Maintenance free and oilpollution free;



1. Well-adapted power environment

2. Unique permanent magnet vector algorithm, to guarantee high precision control and accurate pole-free speed regulation;

3. Low wastage and high efficiency;

4. Built-in brake function.

Wide application:

1. Commercial public occasion: large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, professional markets and wholesale markets, convention centers, exhibition halls, parking lot;

2. Manufacturing industry: industrial workshop, production workshop, logistic warehouse;

3. Sports: gym, fitness room, entertainment.

Aipukejilarge ceiling fan configured unique 3 level of safeguard:

1. Safety alarm device, built-in overload phase protection, timely alarm signal to ensure safe running;

2. Blade safety connection piece (even if the blade bracket is broken, the fan would not falling off due to the connecting piece device);

3. Staility of the four steel wire rope( enhance the stability of ceiling fan, to prevent the risk of loosening of screws);

The fan will be packed into 2 cases;





Q: Do you have your own factory?

  A: Yes, we have. Our factory located in Shanghai.  Songjiang District.


 Q: Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?

  A: Yes, we accept OEM orders.


 Q: Can you give us a favorable discount ?

 A:Of course, a favorable discount will be offered if the quantity is sizable.


 Q: How do you control the quality ?

 A:We control the product quality by QC, and 100% aging testing before packaging. We have CE certificate and ISO9001.

High Quality Low Price HVLS Big Commercial Ceiling Fan
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